Brief description of the effect of far infrared quartz heater

Update: 06-09-2019

The far-infrared quartz heater is a milk-white quartz g […]

The far-infrared quartz heater is a milk-white quartz glass tube that has been processed by a special skill, and is equipped with a resistance-integrated material as a pyrogen because the opal-silica glass absorbs almost all visible and near-infrared light from the heating wire and can It is converted into far-infrared radiation; it can also be called a halogen heating tube, which is placed in a quartz casing with a tungsten filament, which is drawn through the filament and the outer casing so that the filament makes the filament emit spectrum at 2400-2700 nm.
Divided into civilian and industrial use. Civilian primary use for heaters, convection ovens. The industry is primarily used for curing in the semiconductor industry, blowing in the plastics industry, etc. Quartz is one of the most widely distributed mineral deposits on the earth's surface, and it is also used in a wide variety of applications. In the Stone Age, we used it to make stone axe, stone arrows and other simple things to get food and fight against the enemy. Piezoelectric quartz plates are used as the standard frequency in quartz clocks and electronic equipment; glass made after melting can be used to manufacture optical instruments, glasses, glass tubes and other commodities; also can be used as bearings for precision instruments, grinding materials, glass ceramics, etc. Industrial raw materials.
With the opening of semiconductor technology, quartz glass is widely used in various processes for semiconductor production. For example, the Czochralski method converts polycrystals into single crystal silicon; the quartz cleaning tank used for cleaning; the loose tube used for looseness, the grooved boat; the bell jar for ion implantation, and the like.


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