Post Weld Heat Treatment Machine Equipment

Post Weld Heat Treatment Machine Equipment
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Brands: Fangzheng
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Post-weld heat treatment (PWHT) machine to improve the microstructure of the weld and reduce residual stresses generated during the welding process.Our company specializes in PWHT for the steel and metal processing industries, including pressure vessels, pressure pipes, storage tanks, buildings, bridges, offshore platforms, power plants, oil and gas refineries and petrochemical plants.PWHT is usually mandatory due to compliance with welding specifications and specifications for certain materials, including but not limited to carbon steel, stainless steel/high alloy steel and work hardened steel. PWHT requirements may also be present based on the wall thickness of the components that are welded together.

PWHT reduces or redistributes the residual stress introduced by the welding process by heating, soaking and cooling the weldment/machined surface to a controlled temperature. This improves the performance of the weldment/machined surface. Other benefits of PWHT include:

1. Improve the ductility of materials

2. Improve or reduce hardness

3. Reduce the risk of brittle fracture

4. Relieve thermal stress

5. Hardened metal

6. Eliminate diffusible hydrogen (prevent hydrogen from cracking)

7.Improve metallurgical structure

The 50KVA heat treatment unit has been robustly constructed to provide power to electrical resistance heaters at 60 volts, suitable for site and shop working. The output from the unit is split into six individual heating circuits for temperature control. Each output circuit has 8.3KW of power, which is sufficient capacity for 3 standard ceramic pads rated at 2.7 kW and connected in parallel.There are 3 operational methods of heat control; fully-integrated individual programmers, an external programmer for all channels, and individual proportional energy regulators.Sufficient for 3 ceramic heater pads per channel, this mobile unit is suitable for both site or fabrication shop use.


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Company Profile

As a famous post weld heat treatment machine manufacturers and China post weld heat treatment machine (pwht) factory, Wujiang Fangzheng Electric Heater Co., Ltd. specializes in producing and selling ceramic electric heaters, heat treatment equipment, welding rod oven, flux oven, heat treatment furnace ,welding auxiliary equipment and post weld heat treatment machine (pwht). Located at the junction of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai - Wujiang, the transportation is very convenient. Over the years, with the advantages of advanced technology and talents, it has developed rapidly, and has advanced production equipment such as international first-class numerical control shearing, folding, punching and so on. Advanced technology and equipment, complete testing means, strong design and development capabilities, self-developed production of micro-computer heat treatment temperature control box to achieve the world's leading technology level. Fully implement the international advanced quality management system to ensure the quality of products.

The main products are: ceramic electric heater, heat treatment temperature control equipment, welding rod flux oven, electric heating blast dryer, electric furnace, flux recovery conveying device, industrial kiln, etc. Over the years, it has been widely used in national key projects, mainly involving the construction and maintenance projects of boilers, power stations, steel, chemical industry, bridges, shipbuilding, pressure vessels, heavy machinery, large steel structural parts industry, such as pre-welding preheating, post-welding hydrogen elimination, normalizing, tempering, local heat treatment, integral heat treatment, and heating, drying, hot loading and hot unloading of related industries. Also engaged in the production of heat treatment equipment required accessories and ancillary products; a professional technical service team to provide users with quality after-sales service!

Take science and technology as the leader, take market as the guide, take sincerity as the credit, win by quality, uphold the tenet of "quality first, credit first", and our factory provide high-quality wholesale post weld heat treatment machine and sincere service for users at home and abroad! Wish to cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life for common development!

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