China heat treatment equipment industry realizes networking

Update: 03-08-2020

China has established the China Mould Industry Network […]

China has established the China Mould Industry Network on the Internet. It is seen by domestic and foreign merchants and scientific researches that they can learn more about the economic technology, trade information and scientific research level of China's mould industry through this website. While realizing dialogue between enterprises and the market, it has strengthened the industry Information exchange. With the rapid development of other industries using new scientific and technological achievements today, the development of the heat treatment equipment industry is facing huge challenges, and speeding up network construction is a top priority.

Based on the current situation of China's heat treatment equipment and the connection with related industries, the network of heat treatment must be realized. The research and implementation of materials heat treatment computer simulation, thermal expert system and intelligent control should avoid duplication and form collaborative development. The integration with enterprises needs to be networked.

It will greatly promote the cooperation between this industry in China and other countries in the world, strengthen the communication between enterprises and their related enterprises, and improve their competitiveness. Domestic and foreign businesses can learn more about various information about this industry in China through the website. Realize the dialogue between the enterprise and the market and strengthen the communication within the industry.

Introduce the latest domestic and foreign scientific research and production information in a timely manner. Units connected to the network will be able to obtain free online information and graphics and other materials, learn and acquire tools and process information intelligently, so as to share distributed information and avoid repetitive research. The progress of science and technology, especially the close integration of the development of information and network technology with scientific research and production, has provided huge technological possibilities. Production should not only pay attention to the smooth flow of logistics, but also integrate it with the information highway, so that a series of resources such as market demand, advanced technology, production equipment, production experience and scientific research results should be exchanged and shared through the network.

Although China's heat treatment equipment market prospects are very promising, there are still many problems, such as unbalanced enterprise development, low degree of specialization, relatively large energy waste, most equipment still outdated, weak awareness of environmental protection and safety production, and new equipment development capabilities Low, poor quality of auxiliary materials, and the quality of employees needs to be improved. In short, the situation is promising, but the problem cannot be ignored. He hopes that the above-mentioned problems should be resolved as soon as possible to continuously adapt to the needs of the greater development of the manufacturing industry and the national economy.
What is the current market demand and trend in the heat treatment equipment industry that plays an important role in the manufacturing industry? Professor Fan Dongli, a senior metal heat treatment expert in China and the former vice chairman of the China Association of the Industry, analyzed that with the development of the manufacturing industry, the current heat treatment industry in my country has strong market demand.



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