Daily maintenance and working principle of pipeline heaters

Update: 21-09-2019

Pipeline electric heater is a new type of equipment spe […]

Pipeline electric heater is a new type of equipment specially developed for gas fluid heating. The device consists of two parts: the pipe body and the control system. The heating element adopts stainless steel seamless tube as protective sleeve, high temperature resistance alloy wire and crystalline magnesium oxide powder, which are formed by compression process to ensure the service life of the electric heating element. The control part adopts high-precision digital display temperature controller and relay to form adjustable temperature measurement and constant temperature system to ensure the normal operation of the electric heater.

The most important part of the heating tube work is the work of the heating wire. The quality of the heating wire determines the quality of the heating tube. The research of the electric heating wire is to study the resistance value of the electric heating wire to determine the power of the electric heating tube. The resistance of the electric heating tube is fixed, and the different working voltages are applied, and the effects of different electric heating tubes are generated, and the thermal effect is also the same. Generally, the smaller the resistance, the larger the wire diameter of the resistance wire, and the larger the current through which the resistance wire passes when the voltage is fixed. When the current passing exceeds the load of the resistance wire, it is prone to breakage and damage, and the data indicates the heating tube. The resistance is not as small as possible. The appropriate resistance wire should be selected according to the actual condition of the electric heating tube and ensuring normal use. The items that need to be maintained during the daily use of the pipeline heater are as follows: 1. When the heating medium is liquid or water, please open the water valve first, and then turn on the electric heating after the water supply is normal. The heating tube should not be heated, and the side is extremely vulnerable. 2. When the working medium is ordinary water, the heater should be extracted after two months of use to clean the scale on the surface of the heating tube. Third, the pipeline electric heater, especially the control part, is a precision instrument. It should be handled with care when transporting. It is strictly forbidden to impact or hit. The barrel part should be reasonably hoisted to avoid deformation and damage to the internal heating elements. Pipe electric heaters and control cabinets are placed in the warehouse, and rain is strictly prohibited.

The heating tube is a metal wire with a resistance wire inside, which is the same as the electric furnace wire. The principle of heat generation, the current through the resistor to generate heat. It has excellent performances such as long service life, high electrothermal conversion efficiency, far infrared radiation, health and environmental protection. The heating tube is more suitable for the anti-fouling heating place, and is the best choice for rust prevention and anti-scaling. It is electroplating, electrolysis, degreasing, pickling, electroless nickel-phosphorus, anodizing, aluminum pouring, smelting, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other corrosive liquid phase heating, condensation, evaporation, concentration and so on. It is the best choice for rust prevention and anti-scaling. At the same time, it greatly reduces acid consumption, energy consumption, waste liquid generation and improves the working environment, which is conducive to environmental protection.


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