High frequency high frequency welding process and heat sealing process

Update: 26-10-2019

High-frequency machines and heat seals (or heat welders […]

High-frequency machines and heat seals (or heat welders) essentially use heat to bring the plastic material to or near the melting point, and then apply a certain pressure to make them welded together, but the principle of heat generation is different, so these two The materials used in the process are different from the effects of welding.
1. The sources of welding heat energy are different:
The heat energy of the high-frequency welding process comes from the inside of the material and belongs to the internal heat. The principle of heat energy generation is: the high frequency machine first converts the electric energy into a high frequency electromagnetic field, and the polar molecules of the medium are polarized and rapidly generated by the high frequency electromagnetic field to generate heat. The amount of heat generated by the dielectric material is related to the strength of the electric field, the frequency, and the polarity of the material molecules.
The heat energy of the heat sealer (heat welder) is externally transmitted to the material to be processed and belongs to external heat. Thermal energy comes from electric heating elements and the like.
2. High-frequency welding and heat sealing (heat welding) are adapted to different materials:
The dielectric material molecules that can be fused by high-frequency processing must have sufficient polarity, otherwise the heat generated will be too little or no heat at all and will not be welded. For example, PVC, EVA material can be welded with high frequency if the polarity of the material is strong, and high frequency welding can not be used for materials with weak polarity such as PP or PE. This is one of the main limitations of high frequency welding.
Heat seal (heat welding) can process materials much more widely than high frequency welding, and most plastics can be heat sealed.
3. The process effects of high-frequency welding and heat sealing (heat welding) are different:
The appearance, welding strength and sealing performance of the materials processed by high-frequency welding are of high quality. And the welding process is controllable. Suitable for demanding products.
The heat sealing (heat welding) process has a relatively poor welding effect, and the controllability is not as good as the high frequency welding. Suitable for products that do not require high appearance and weld strength.
4, the difference in cost
The cost of the high frequency machine is much higher than that of the heat sealing machine. The heat sealing machine is cheap, simple to operate and faster than the high frequency machine.
When the welded product is relatively large, the high frequency machine has higher energy efficiency, and the advantage of power saving is more obvious.

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