Normalizing is the final heat treatment equipment for low carbon and low alloy steel plates

Update: 06-12-2019

The development of China's heat treatment technology is […]

The development of China's heat treatment technology is similar to other technologies. The traditional heat treatment technology has experienced the process from sprout, establishment, development, prosperity to weakness, and finally the introduction, digestion and development of modern technology. Material heat treatment has a long history in China. Compared with the rest of the world, the development of ancient Chinese heat treatment technology has obvious regional characteristics. In some aspects, China's heat treatment technology lags behind other regions, but there are many inventions and technologies that are far ahead in the history of world heat treatment. Fewer achievements have also spread to all parts of the world, and have directly promoted the progress of world heat treatment technology.
The heating temperature of the heat treatment equipment varies with the metal material being processed and the purpose of the heat treatment, but it is generally heated above the phase transition temperature to obtain a high temperature structure. Normalizing is also called normalization or normalization, and its purpose is to make the abnormal structure generated in the previous process through recrystallization and homogenization to improve its mechanical properties and process performance. Normalizing can be used as a preliminary heat treatment equipment or as a final heat treatment equipment. For structural steels of machined parts, normalizing is mostly used as preliminary heat treatment equipment to prepare the organization for subsequent cutting and final heat treatment equipment; for low carbon and low alloy steel plates, normalizing is used as final heat treatment equipment, so that The steel sheet has the required structure, so that it has the required mechanical properties and process properties.
In the technological transformation of large state-owned enterprises and a large number of heat treatment processing enterprises, a large demand for light industrial and electrical product molds in eastern and southern China's coastal cities, and external cooperation in the processing of parts such as aviation and other emerging manufacturing industries, the rise of vacuum heat treatment equipment and sealing Furnace production line-based equipment update wave. Automotive, railway, shipbuilding, wind power, weaponry, drilling, mining and other industries of gasoline engines, diesel engines, reduction gear parts, and basic parts have also been basically heat treated with pusher furnaces, roller rod furnaces, chain plate furnaces, mesh belt furnaces, The heat treatment equipment including sealed multi-purpose furnace, transistor induction power supply and automatic hardening machine tools are updated. The enthusiasm of enterprises for technological transformation and upgrading equipment has made the heat treatment equipment market very prosperous. The backbone enterprise equipment update rate reached more than 70%.
The reliability of heat treatment equipment and process depends on the reliability of mechanical actions, electrical components, instruments, sensors, and the entire system. This problem has been a bottleneck that has plagued the level of heat treatment technology and equipment in China. Nowadays, the control components and their control systems have been greatly developed, and market supply and technical services are becoming more and more convenient. High-quality products from abroad can be purchased at home. At the same time, domestic products have also undergone considerable development. Select the grade of the product according to the actual needs. With reference to the staging of ancient China, it can be considered that in ancient times, heat treatment in our country has begun to sprout. In ancient times, China's traditional heat treatment technology has begun to be established. In the medieval period, China's traditional heat treatment technology has further developed. The traditional heat treatment technology reached its heyday. In the modern period, China's traditional heat treatment technology has gradually weakened, and at the same time modern technology has begun to be established and developed.

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