Sustainable development of the heat treatment industry

Update: 31-08-2020

Since 1996, many developed countries in the United Stat […]

Since 1996, many developed countries in the United States, Japan, and Europe have successively formulated development plans and goals for heat treatment technology in the 21st century. The 2020 vision of the U.S. heat treatment industry clarifies the current and future goals and main indicators of foreign heat treatment advanced technology and equipment levels.

As one of the most important basic process technologies in the machinery manufacturing industry, heat treatment technology is widely used in the entire industrial field. In making full use of the potential of materials, saving energy, carrying out clean production and sustainable development of human society, the expansion of heat treatment technology cannot be ignored. Developed countries in the world have invested a lot of money to develop this technology.

The strategic goal of foreign heat treatment technology development is sustainable development, product quality improvement, energy saving, precise production, and improvement of production efficiency. Domestic development must take this as the focus. These five aspects are actually interrelated and restricted.

The environment is first involved in sustainable development, and heat treatment is inseparable from the environment and energy. Many of the production materials and remaining materials used in the heat treatment process may be sources of pollution. Heat treatment workers must rationally select technologies that avoid the formation of hazardous residual materials, and apply advanced innocuous treatment methods to hazardous materials that are unavoidable to make hazardous residual materials meet the national or international safety discharge standards, and research and develop regeneration and repeat usage instructions. There is a lot of research on it abroad, and of course the investment is quite large.

Professional heat treatment processing enterprises have increased rapidly in recent years, and their investment scale has also continued to expand. With the impact of the financial crisis, export-oriented enterprise products have drastically reduced, and the business volume of processing enterprises has drastically reduced. A large number of processing enterprises that used to mainly serve foreign-funded enterprises are using their technology and management advantages to start domestic sales of products in order to improve equipment utilization. The shift of enterprises will increase competition in the processing industry. At the same time, the processing companies that have accumulated in the past few years are aiming at the direction of national industrial policy adjustments, investing in equipment to expand new business markets, such as expanding wind power, precision molds and parts processing.

With the successive promulgation of national policies to encourage specialized processing, it is expected that the volume of professional heat treatment processing will increase from 20% of the total processing volume in the past to 30%, which is equivalent to the proportion of professional processing in Japan. The general trend of professional heat treatment processing is to integrate one specialization with multiple abilities, adopt a variety of processing methods, and serve multiple industries to ensure stable and sustainable production and operation.


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