The importance of temperature

Update: 19-04-2021

In the heat treatment process, as the properties of met […]

In the heat treatment process, as the properties of metal materials change, deformation will also occur, which will affect the dimensional accuracy and strength of the workpiece. Although this cannot be avoided, it is the influencing factor that we need to minimize in the heat treatment. .

In addition, the difference in quenching temperature will also result in a significant difference in surface hardness. The quenching temperature of each material has a fixed range, and some materials have a very wide quenching temperature range. For example, after 20CrMnTi carburization, it can be quenched in the temperature range of 820~870°C, although the difference is caused by 40~50°C The metallographic structure is quite different, but the surface hardness is almost the same; while the quenching temperature zone of some materials is very narrow, such as Cr12 die steel, its quenching temperature range is generally 970~990°C, too high temperature will cause The austenite is thermally stabilized, so that the hardness is significantly lower than that of normal quenching. For another example, the austenitizing conditions required for high-speed steel are only 20-30°C from the melting point of the steel. Excessive quenching temperature will cause overburning and result in scrapping of the workpiece.

Therefore, temperature monitoring and control in the heat treatment process are very important, just like grasping the "heating" of heat treatment.

In addition, the heating furnace is one of the important equipment in the heat treatment process, and the temperature accuracy and uniformity in the heating furnace will directly affect the results of the heat treatment process. The TP3 temperature data logger (accuracy ±0.3°C) from Fluke Process Instruments and the TB4900 series high temperature insulation box (temperature resistance up to 1000°C) can live in the furnace like your product, helping you to accurately verify the process curve and improve Product quality, to avoid the phenomenon of product scrapping.


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