There is much room for improvement in the thermal efficiency of heating equipment

Update: 22-02-2020

Induction heat treatment equipment has many advantages […]

Induction heat treatment equipment has many advantages such as fast heating speed, energy saving, non-oxidation and decarbonization, no pollution to the environment, and high production efficiency. These advantages are widely recognized by heat treatment workers, so they have developed rapidly in the past ten years. Of course, this actual demand has also greatly promoted the development and technological upgrading of domestic induction heat treatment equipment. Take Changchun's China FAW as an example. The company has more than 100 induction heat treatment equipment, of which 50 have been added or updated in the past ten years, almost all of which are thyristor intermediate frequency equipment and IGBT super audio equipment. The weight of induction heat-treated parts of FAW's medium-sized trucks now reaches 291.3kg, accounting for 52% of all heat-treated parts.
The energy sources for heat treatment equipment industrial production are mainly coal and petroleum. The expansion of industrial production scales around the world has made the energy crisis increasingly serious, causing energy prices to rise significantly beyond the tolerance of countries. At the same time, industrial production It will inevitably lead to the deterioration of environmental pollution problems, and the bad effects caused by the discharge of industrial waste are affecting the normal production and life of human beings. In order to alleviate the above problems, countries are committed to the development and application of new alternative energy materials. The currently accepted new alternative energy is non-bioenergy. The cost of bioenergy is low, and raw materials are everywhere. They are energy-saving industrial furnaces. best choice.

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