Welding and problem solving of container and frame structure

Update: 19-07-2021

1. If a welding process (such as brazing) is used to se […]

1. If a welding process (such as brazing) is used to seal a pontoon or the end of a hollow structure, during the final sealing of the welding seam, in order to prevent hot air from entering the container and causing the container to burst, how to deal with it?

The solution is to first drill a 1.5mm diameter relief hole on the pontoon to facilitate the flow of hot air near the weld with the outside air, then perform closed welding, and finally weld and seal the relief hole. When welding the structure of the gas storage container, a pressure relief hole can also be used. It should be noted that welding in a closed container is very dangerous. Before welding, ensure that the inside of the container or pipe is clean and avoid the presence of flammable and explosive materials or gases.

2. When it is necessary to weld the screen grid, metal wire mesh or extension metal to the steel structure frame by MIG welding, flux-cored gas metal arc welding or argon tungsten arc welding, the wire mesh is prone to burn through during welding. How to deal with the phenomenon of non-fusion with the weld?


① Place non-metallic washers on the metal wire mesh or extended metal and clamp the washer, metal wire mesh and frame together. Chromium-containing or galvanized washers are not allowed, and the washers should be uncoated.

② Place a larger washer on top of the washer at the welded position as a heat sink. The upper gasket should have a larger hole than the lower gasket to prevent the upper gasket from being welded together. Then plug welding is carried out through the two holes of the gasket, so that the welding seam should be in the lower gasket part. The operator can take some other methods to get enough heat and perform welding, pay attention to prevent the surrounding screen grid or wire mesh from burning through.

③ Another method is to use a metal strip with a hole, align the hole to the part that needs to be welded, and place a heat dissipation washer, and then perform plug welding.



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