Heat treatment is an important part of the machinery industry

Update: 21-09-2020

Heat treatment is an important part of the machinery in […]

Heat treatment is an important part of the machinery industry and an indispensable link in the production chain of modern manufacturing. It is a key processing procedure that promotes the full use of the potential of metal materials and improves the internal quality and service life of mechanical parts. It is a basic technology for manufacturing. . The performance and life of mechanical products do not simply depend on the type and composition of the material. Heat treatment can change the internal structure of the material, thereby changing the performance of the material and improving the life. The effect of heat treatment on the quality of the parts and the equipment is the key And long-lasting. Improving the level of heat treatment technology and equipment and production technology can achieve energy saving and material saving, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

In the 21st century, human beings have increasingly higher requirements for environmental protection. my country has taken environmental protection as a basic national policy and has begun to promote clean production, requiring the implementation of green heat treatment and the production of clean products. The most fundamental thing to implement green heat treatment is for the sustainable development of mankind. It is easy to understand that we need to achieve reasonable development and utilization of natural resources, while doing a good job in the protection of natural resources and the protection of the environment. For an enterprise, it is necessary to handle the relationship between development and efficiency, development and innovation, as well as the relationship between development and resources, and development and environment. Excellent entrepreneurs must handle these relationships well, and they must also be good at handling these relationships. Seeking survival, seeking benefits and seeking development in the process.

The strategic goal of foreign heat treatment technology development is sustainable development, product quality improvement, energy saving, precise production, and improvement of production efficiency. Domestic development should focus on this. These five aspects are actually interrelated and restricted.

The environment is first involved in sustainable development, and heat treatment is inseparable from the environment and energy. Many of the production materials and remaining materials used in the heat treatment process may be sources of pollution. Heat treatment workers must rationally select technologies that avoid the formation of hazardous residual materials, and apply advanced innocuous treatment methods to hazardous materials that are unavoidable to make hazardous residual materials meet the national or international safety discharge standards, and research and develop regeneration and repeat usage instructions. There is a lot of research on it abroad, and of course the investment is quite large.

Process average level Low vacuum, controlled atmosphere non-oxidation heating proportion is low, many processing enterprises do not control the carbon potential when carburizing, they have insufficient mastery of quenching cooling technology, fail to make good use of cooling media with different performances, and control process parameters Strict results in poor product quality uniformity. Most companies have not adopted online product quality control technology and statistical process management, and the scrap rate and repair rate are high.

The problem of low production management level is also very prominent. Quite a few companies have weak management and technical strength, management personnel’s technical level and quality need to be improved, lack of scientific management of production and product quality, lack of thoughtful external services from processing plants, and unfixed cooperative users , The enthusiasm for implementing the standards is not high, the equipment update rate is low, the profit of the enterprise is low, the economic benefits are poor, the awareness of quality competition is not strong, and the price competition is intense.


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