The heat treatment industry has promising development prospects

Update: 14-09-2020

After my country's accession to the WTO, the economy ha […]

After my country's accession to the WTO, the economy has been in line with international standards, which has provided companies with impetus and increased pressure, creating opportunities as well as severe challenges. The establishment of Sino-foreign joint ventures and the influx of wholly foreign-owned enterprises have caused domestic manufacturing products to face fierce market competition. This competition is manifested in product quality, price and after-sales service, but the core is product quality.

The high requirements for product quality are both pressure and motivation. It can drive the technical transformation and equipment renewal of heat treatment, so that the quality and life of machine parts can be greatly improved. The equipment renewal of heat treatment enterprises has brought business opportunities to the equipment manufacturing industry. However, domestic heat treatment equipment is also facing fierce competition due to the low level of technology and poor reliability under the circumstances of opening up. Many domestic heat treatment equipment manufacturers are on the verge of bankruptcy. Improving the quality and reliability of heat treatment equipment is also a top priority.

At the same time, if the quality and reliability of equipment accessories, pumps, valves, electrical components, instruments, furnace materials, etc. cannot be improved quickly, there will be no major breakthroughs in the level of heat treatment equipment, and it must be in competition. China continues to lose. The improvement of product quality must be based on the implementation of scientific management of the enterprise, strengthen product quality management, earnestly carry out the certification of the company’s ISO9000 series standards, and earnestly implement the heat treatment process standards and the organization performance quality standards of heat treatment parts during the production process. Product quality has quickly reached a new level.

Science and technology are advancing with each passing day, and the technological transformation of enterprises is constantly underway, which puts forward higher requirements on the quality, knowledge and skills of enterprise management cadres, technicians and operating workers. After my country has implemented a market economy system, especially after joining the WTO, many state-owned enterprises and most of the leaders of private and joint-stock enterprises lack knowledge of market economic laws, international trade rules and procurement channels. Many people have not yet entered the scientific management of modern enterprises. character of. The knowledge of factory technicians is prominent, and they are quite unfamiliar with the imported advanced equipment and technology, especially computer simulation and control, and CAD and CAM technology, so that they often cannot perform all the functions of the advanced equipment. Most of the operating workers have no technical training, let alone hold a certificate, and some old workers can no longer cope with the current production technology by relying on their existing knowledge and skills. Many of them have realized the shortcomings in this regard and urgently demand that the status quo be changed as soon as possible.

In the final analysis, the market competition of enterprise products can be said to be a dispute between human ability and quality. Before my country's accession to the WTO, Chinese enterprises had already shown obvious weaknesses in this regard. The main manifestation is the lack of knowledge update or slow update of business leaders and technical personnel, resulting in weak development capabilities for new products and new technologies.

Due to the weak concept of intellectual property rights and the lack of independent development capabilities, blind plagiarism is caused in the digestion and absorption of imported technologies. On the one hand, infringement is illegal, which will affect the reputation of the country, enterprises and individuals, and weaken the enthusiasm of international investors to invest in China; on the other hand, blind plagiarism without any investigation and analysis will also cause plagiarism to fall behind, or continue other people’s existing defects s consequence. In addition, for equipment manufacturers, current and future user requirements and product use levels are constantly improving, so that each product order is accompanied by many special technical conditions. This requires manufacturers to continuously modify the design or completely redesign. Of course, while improving their own development capabilities, enterprises also accept the transfer of mature technologies from scientific research institutes and colleges and universities, and establish close relationships between production, learning, and research in personnel training and joint development, and to establish a strong technical development backing. A very important aspect of improving development capabilities.


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