Material heat treatment has a long history in China

Update: 29-06-2020

Heat treatment equipment is an important part of the ma […]

Heat treatment equipment is an important part of the machinery industry, an extremely indispensable link in the production chain of the modern manufacturing industry, a key processing procedure that promotes the full play of the potential of metal materials, and improves the intrinsic quality and service life of mechanical parts. Basic technology. The performance and life of mechanical products do not simply depend on the type and composition of the material. Through heat treatment, the internal structure of the material can be changed, thereby changing the performance of the material and improving the life. The effect of heat treatment on the quality of the parts and the equipment that constitutes the key And long-lasting. Increasing the level of heat treatment technology equipment and production technology can achieve energy saving, material saving, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

The potential for efficient use, economical use, and reuse of resources such as fuel, electricity, water, and oil for heat treatment equipment is huge. The energy source of the heat treatment heating equipment must be reasonably selected according to local conditions and time. The thermal efficiency of the heating equipment has great room for improvement. The waste heat of the fuel product must be fully utilized. A large amount of cooling water must be recycled and cleaned from the surface of the workpiece Fats and oils should be recovered by classification, and the quenching oil that has failed should be collected and refined for reuse. In short, the effective use and regeneration of resources are an important part of the sustainable development strategy of the heat treatment industry. The high requirements for product quality are both pressure and motivation. It can drive the technical transformation and equipment renewal of heat treatment, so that the quality and life of machine parts can be greatly improved. The equipment renewal of heat treatment enterprises has brought business opportunities to the equipment manufacturing industry. However, due to the low technological level and poor reliability of domestic heat treatment equipment, they are also facing fierce competition in the open to the outside world, and many domestic heat treatment equipment manufacturers are on the verge of closure.


Material heat treatment has a long history in China. Compared with other regions of the world, the development of ancient Chinese heat treatment technology has obvious regional characteristics. In some aspects, China's heat treatment technology lags behind other regions, but there are many inventions and technologies that are in a leading position in the history of heat treatment in the world. The less achievements have also spread to all parts of the world, which has played a direct role in promoting the progress of heat treatment technology in the world. The development of my country's material heat treatment technology is similar to other technologies. Traditional heat treatment technology has experienced from germination, establishment, development, prosperity to weakness, and finally the process of introduction, digestion and development of modern technology. With reference to the stages of ancient China, it can be considered that in ancient times, China's heat treatment has begun to sprout. In the ancient period, China's traditional heat treatment technology began to be initially established; by the Middle Ages, China's traditional heat treatment technology has further developed; in the ancient period, China Traditional heat treatment technology has reached its peak. In the modern era, China's traditional heat treatment technology has gradually weakened, and modern technology has begun to establish and develop.

The reliability of heat treatment equipment and process depends on the reliability of mechanical actions, electrical components, instruments, sensors and the entire system. This problem has always been a bottleneck that has troubled the level of heat treatment technology and equipment development in my country. Nowadays, control components and control systems have been greatly developed, market supply and technical services are becoming more and more convenient, high-quality products abroad can be bought at home, and domestic products have also made great progress, users can Select the grade of the product according to the actual demand.


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