Heat treatment technology has developed rapidly in the past ten years

Update: 06-07-2020

At the same time, the solution of the equipment must pa […]

At the same time, the solution of the equipment must pay close attention to the processing market. my country currently has an excess of heat treatment capacity, and the average utilization rate of general equipment is only 30%. Special attention should be paid to newly-built heat treatment enterprises. It is not acceptable to not establish a fixed customer network. The United States' 2020 vision stated: Ten years of cooperation with customers is typical. It is necessary to include the heat treatment in the initial product design stage to receive the effect of shortening the processing cycle and reducing the production costs of users and heat treatment plants. Although China's heat treatment industry is developing rapidly and has broad prospects, facing the rapid development situation of continuous development of new products and replacement of old products, although the production equipment of China's heat treatment enterprises can meet the production needs of the machinery industry, there are well-known brands in the heat treatment industry The "special, precise, special" enterprise group has not yet formed, and there is a shortage of professional and technical personnel, and the promotion and application of new technologies is difficult; less than 10% of the entire industry can achieve precision controlled automation and digital production equipment. Many private heat treatment enterprises are still using Outdated and old equipment, relying on the "skills" operation of the "master", the product quality is widely dispersed, and it is difficult to fully guarantee the stable improvement of the quality of mechanical basic products.

Heat treatment equipment is an important part of the machinery industry, an indispensable and extremely important link in the production chain of modern manufacturing. It is a key processing procedure that promotes the full play of the potential of metal materials and improves the intrinsic quality and service life of mechanical parts. It is a manufacturing industry. Basic technology. The performance and life of mechanical products do not simply depend on the type and composition of the material. Through heat treatment, the internal structure of the material can be changed, thereby changing the performance and life of the material. The impact of heat treatment on the quality of the parts and the equipment that constitutes the key And long-lasting. Increasing the level of heat treatment technology equipment and production technology can achieve energy saving, material saving, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

The reliability of heat treatment equipment and process depends on the reliability of mechanical actions, electrical components, instruments, sensors and the entire system. This problem has always been a bottleneck that has troubled the level of heat treatment technology and equipment development in my country. Nowadays, control components and control systems have been greatly developed, market supply and technical services are becoming more and more convenient, high-quality products abroad can be bought at home, and domestic products have also made great progress, users can Select the grade of the product according to the actual demand. In the process of hot rolling and extrusion, due to the simultaneous hot working deformation and recrystallization, a recrystallization structure mainly composed of equiaxed grains is formed, which can improve the uneven state of the cast crystal structure to different degrees.

Heat treatment equipment is a process that has an important impact on product quality in the process of machinery manufacturing. In the face of the new situation, it is necessary to carefully analyze the requirements of the development of the machinery industry and combine the development characteristics of the heat treatment industry to make necessary adjustments to the focus of the enterprise. In recent years, my country's heat treatment equipment industry has achieved a series of gratifying achievements: in terms of quality management, technological transformation, degree of specialization and opening to the outside world, there have been some degrees of progress. The labor productivity of all employees in the industry has also improved significantly. From the data analysis of the survey of 843 heat treatment plants and sites last year, it is about 40% higher than the data surveyed in 1997. Induction heat treatment has many advantages such as fast heating speed, energy saving, non-oxidative decarburization, non-polluting environment and high production efficiency. These advantages are widely recognized by heat treatment workers, so they have developed rapidly in the past ten years.


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