New technology and new equipment for heat treatment

Update: 13-07-2020

With the continuous development of science and technolo […]

With the continuous development of science and technology, we are required to continuously study new technologies and equipment for heat treatment. The application of various energy-saving, high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly new heat treatment equipment is the future development trend of the manufacturing industry. Such as the use of high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency pulse and laser heat treatment equipment, electron beam heat treatment, ion bombardment chemical heat treatment and the application of computers have opened up a broad space for improving the level of heat treatment. 

As we all know, on the premise of meeting technical requirements and ensuring quality, reducing salt bath furnace heating is an effective way to save energy and eliminate pollution. Because salt spray affects temperature control, it is extremely difficult to be accurate, and the operation is not safe. More importantly, high temperature heating by barium chloride will produce serious harmful gas, smoke and salt residue pollution. The performance of the new equipment using induction heating can reach the standard , And does not produce harmful gas pollution. We have conducted experiments, using steel saw blade induction heating and salt bath furnace quenching, the former can obtain needle-shaped martensite structure, impact toughness increased by 20%, and eliminates pollution.
In order to eliminate the residual stress of metal manufacturing parts, stabilize its size and metal structure, and prevent deformation and cracking, the traditional process uses kiln low temperature heating and aging. To this end, not only the cost is high, the cycle is long, but the long-term heating inevitably causes environmental pollution and increased power consumption. For this reason, the multi-mode vibration aging series of computer control equipment manufactured by the principle of multi-harmonic resonance generated at different frequencies in foreign countries not only completely eliminate the heating pollution of the kiln, but also can save energy. Therefore, my country should improve the traditional process and adopt a new process. On the other hand, we should organically combine the forging, hot rolling, casting and heat treatment processes, and use the rest of the heat for processing, which not only can avoid repeated heating, improve equipment utilization, shorten production cycle, but also save energy and reduce costs, To improve the comprehensive performance and quality of the parts, it is more obvious that reducing pollution is conducive to environmental protection. It is reported that for this experiment, a tractor part was cooled naturally after being forged. In short, in today's manufacturing industry, heat treatment must take the path of socialization and specialization, adopt high-tech technology, new equipment and materials, and continuously improve the awareness of environmental protection and energy saving, which is the future development direction of heat treatment.


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