Advantages of Ceramic Heating Plate Products

Update: 22-03-2019

With the arrival of the era of integration of various e […]

With the arrival of the era of integration of various electronic devices, electronic whole machine has put forward higher requirements for circuit miniaturization, high density, multi-function, high reliability, high speed and high power. Because co-fired multi-layer ceramic substrate can meet many requirements of electronic whole machine for circuit, it has been widely used in recent years. Co-fired multi-layer ceramic substrates can be divided into high temperature co-fired multi-layer ceramic (HTCC) substrates and low temperature co-fired multi-layer ceramic (LTCC) substrates. Compared with low-temperature co-fired ceramics, high-temperature co-fired ceramics have many advantages, such as high mechanical strength, high wiring density, stable chemical performance, high heat dissipation coefficient and low material cost. They have been widely used in the fields of heating and packaging, which require higher thermal stability, lower requirements for high-temperature volatile gases and higher requirements for sealing. HTCC ceramic heating sheets are mainly used to replace alloy wire electrothermal elements and PTC electrothermal elements and their components, which are widely used nowadays. Alloy wire electrothermal elements have some shortcomings, such as easy oxidation at high temperature, short life, unsafe open fire, low thermal efficiency and uneven heating, while PTC electrothermal elements generally have a heating temperature of only about 200 C, and lead tetroxide is generally used when the heating temperature is higher than 120 C, which belongs to the products being eliminated because of its high lead content.

Product Advantages

1. Simple structure;

2. Quick temperature rise and quick temperature compensation;

3. High power density;

4. The heating temperature is high, which can reach over 500 C.

5. High thermal efficiency, uniform heating and energy saving;

6. No open fire, safe use;

7. Long life and less power attenuation;

8. Insulation between heater and air, acid and alkali resistance of components and other corrosive substances;


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